Thomas Porch Porch

Thomas Porch Porch was born in 1808. His name was originally Thomas Porch Reeves, the eldest son of John Fry Reeves and Maria Porch, owners of Glastonbury Abbey from 1825 to the mid-1840s. Thomas, educated at Charterhouse and Trinity College, Cambridge, inherited his maternal grandfather’s name and his property at Edgarley on his 21st birthday. The same year he married Jane Barber of Barston Hall, Warwickshire, and began his married life with her at the Abbey House, probably moving to Edgarley in the early 1850s.

Thomas played an important and distinguished role in the life of the town up to his death in 1877. Apart from being one of the owners of Stuckey’s Bank (originally the Bank of Reeves and Porch, and later absorbed by the National Westminster), he was, in 1835, elected the first Mayor of the new Municipal Corporation, serving on the Town Council for the next 33 years without a break, becoming Mayor three more times.