John Albert Porch

John Albert Porch, the eldest son of Thomas Porch and Jane Barber, was born at the Abbey House in 1833. Educated at King’s School, Bruton, he chose the life of a country gentleman, taking a keen interest in farming and all forms of country sport, and later becoming known as the ‘Squire of Edgarley’. In 1866 he married Margaret Bagehot of Langport, cousin of the distinguished economist Walter Bagehot. They first lived briefly at Edgarley Lodge, moving to Edgarley House in 1877 when Thomas died. Albert followed his father’s example of public service by serving on the Town Council for over thirty years continuously and being elected Mayor three times. He was father to six children but personal tragedy dogged his later years and when he died in 1914, the Edgarley Estate was sold to the Thomas-Ferrand family.