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07 Jan Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

In January 2018 a Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Questionnaire will be delivered to every household in Glastonbury. Please take the time to read it through carefully and respond to as many of the questions as you can. There is plenty of

26 May Glastonbury Youth Council

Glastonbury Youth Council was formed to get more young people involved in the town. It holds regular informal meetings and aims to establish what young people want to see in the area. The Youth Council is supported by the Youth Provision Committee of

17 May A Personal History of Glastonbury

A personal history of Glastonbury by John Brunsdon MBE I well remember my first sighting of Glastonbury Tor in 1952. I had travelled on a pre-war motorcycle across Salisbury Plain, passing Stonehenge, to take up my first job as veterinary assistant t

20 Mar Twinning

Glastonbury is twinned with Lalibela in Ethiopia and Patmos in Greece. Lalibela Ethiopia`s twelfth-century capital – “the Jewel in Ethiopia`s crown” – is a remote town situated 2,600 metres in the Ethiopian Highlands with surrounding peaks appr

20 Mar Local Info

Glastonbury Town Council is not responsible for the content of external websites. Glastonbury Online Guide All sorts of info from where to find a doctor to what clubs and associations are active in the town. Links to local govt websites and info on l